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  • Car ferries run by Praamid make the 25-minute crossing between Virtsu on the mainland and Kuivastu on Muhu.
  • Boats depart Virtsu from roughly 5.35am until midnight, with at least one or two sailings per hour up until 10.15pm.
  • A 50% surcharge applies to vehicles heading to the island after 1pm on Fridays and departing the island after 1pm on Sundays.
  • Up to 70% of each boat's capacity is presold online; the website has a real-time indicator showing what percentage has already been sold. The remaining 30% is kept for drive-up customers and offered on a first-in, first-on basis. You should definitely consider prebooking at busy times, particularly around weekends in summer.
  • If you miss your prebooked boat, your ticket will be valid for the regular queue on subsequent boats for up to 48 hours.


Buses take the ferry from the mainland and continue through to Saaremaa via the causeway, stopping along the main road. Some Kuressaare–Kuivastu services also divert to Koguva and Pädaste on weekdays. Major destinations:

  • Tallinn (€12 to €14, three hours, 15 daily)
  • Tartu (€17, five hours, two daily)
  • Viljandi (€15, four hours, two daily)
  • Pärnu (€8.80, 2½ hours, two daily)
  • Kuressaare (€5 to €5.60, one hour, 27 daily)