Top Choice Castle in Kuressaare

Kuressaare Castle

Majestic Kuressaare Castle stands facing the sea at the southern end of the town, on an artificial island ringed by a moat. It’s the best-preserved castle in the Baltic and the region’s only medieval stone castle th…
Museum in Kuressaare

Saaremaa Museum

Occupying the keep of Kuressaare Castle, this museum is devoted to the island’s nature and history. A large part of the fun is exploring the warren of chambers, halls, passages and stairways, apt to fuel anyone’s Ga…
Church in Kuressaare

St Nicholas' Orthodox Church

Dating from 1790, Saaremaa's oldest Orthodox church has twin steeples and an impressive dolomite and wrought-iron gate. A faint image of its name saint has survived on the exterior wall facing the street, while insi…
Museum in Kuressaare

Johannes & Joosep Aavik’s Memorial Museum

The Aavik family home is now a small museum dedicated to the life and works of linguist Johannes Aavik (1880–1973), who introduced major reforms to the Estonian language, and his musically talented cousin, Joosep Aa…
Church in Kuressaare

St Lawrence's Lutheran Church

Although this large church only dates from 1836, its prized feature is considerably older: a medieval stone baptismal font, probably from the early 15th century, carved with dragon-like creatures. Also worth noting …
Beach in Kuressaare

Kuressaare Beach

Although the best beaches are out of town, this small sandy bay behind Kuressaare Castle fills up with sunbathers, paddlers and volleyball players during the summer.
Memorial in Kuressaare

Memorial to Victims of the Red Army

On the eastern wall of Kuressaare Castle there's a memorial to 90 people killed within the castle grounds by the Red Army in 1941.
Memorial in Kuressaare

Memorial to Victims of the Nazis

This memorial commemorates around 300 local people killed during the German occupation.
Sculpture in Kuressaare

Suur Töll & Piret

Estonia's jauntiest statue enlivens the waterfront near the Spa Hotel Meri. It features Saaremaa's legendary gigantic hero, Suur (meaning 'the great') Töll and his wife Piret carrying a boat laden with fish on their…