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In winter (usually from December or whenever the boats stop), LFH ( flies to and from Pärnu.


  • As long as ice conditions allow (from at least mid-May to the end of October), there are ferries to Kihnu operated by Veeteed departing from Munalaid (adult/child/car/bike €3/1.50/12/1, 50 minutes, two to four daily), 40km southwest of Pärnu.
  • Buses from Pärnu to Munalaid are theoretically timed to meet the ferries.
  • At the time of writing there were also ferries departing from central Pärnu (adult/child/car/bike €5/2.50/15/free, 2½ hours, Thursday to Sunday only). However, these services were under review and may be stopped permanently. Even if you catch the bus, the journey is considerably quicker from Munalaid.
  • Tickets can be purchased at any of the ports.
  • The Pärnu tourist office keeps updated ferry timetables.
  • On Kihnu, the ferry dock is halfway between the villages of Sääre and Lemsi.