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Internet Access

Wireless internet access (wi-fi) is ubiquitous in ‘E-stonia’ (you may find yourself wondering why your own country lags so far behind this tech-savvy place). You’ll find literally hundreds of hotspots throughout the country. We’re talking on city streets, in hotels, hostels, restaurants, cafes, pubs, shopping centres, ports, petrol stations, even on long-distance buses and in the middle of national parks! Keep your eyes peeled for orange-and-black stickers indicating availability. In most places connection is free.

If you’re not packing a laptop or smartphone, options for getting online are not as numerous as they once were. Some accommodation providers offer a computer for guest use and there are a few internet cafes with speedy connections. Plus public libraries have web-connected computers that can usually be accessed free of charge (you may need photo ID). Most small communities will have a well-signed public internet point, often connected to the general store.