Architectural in Massawa

Banco d'Italia

Heading back towards the causeway, you'll pass the Banco d'Italia, an exact copy of its 1920s original and a mishmash of styles, including Gothic windows and towers. Unfortunately, the building is dilapidated and aw…
Architectural in Massawa


Passing through the Piazza degli Incendi, notice the small group of coral-block houses with finely detailed façades on your right. Then turn left into the Campo, a huge square lined on all sides by houses with …
Architectural in Massawa

coral-block house

Near the port entrance there is a good example of a 17th-century coral-block house. For centuries, coral was the local building stone.
Market in Massawa

Covered Bazaar

To the north of the Campo is the covered market. Behind and to the north of the market lies the Massawa Hotel, bringing you into the main commercial artery of the town. Turn right towards the heart of the old town t…
Architectural in Massawa

Hotel Savoiya

Even if many buildings on Massawa Island are in a very bad shape, they boast a dilapidated charm that is uniquely unforgettable. Start your exploration with a cup of coffee and delve into the maze of little streets.…
Architectural in Massawa

House of Abu Hamdum

On your right, about 150m from the port entrance, is the House of Abu Hamdum, with its mashrabiyya (trellised) balcony, which allowed cool breezes to enter and the air inside to circulate. It's a remarkable example …
Architectural in Massawa

House of Mammub Mohammed Nahari

As you keep heading towards the port, you'll come across the ancient House of Mammub Mohammed Nahari with soaring Ottoman-style windows on every side. Unfortunately, they are particularly decrepit. Around this area …
Palace in Massawa

Imperial Palace

Just north of the gates of the Dahlak Hotel is the Imperial Palace, overlooking the harbour. The palace was badly damaged during the Struggle for Independence. In its present state, it gives a very vivid idea of how…
Monument in Massawa

Old Railway Station

From the Villa Melotti, take the road on the western side of Taulud and head north, passing by the causeway leading to the mainland. Look out for birds in the mud flats around the causeway. Pelicans are quite common…
Religious Site in Massawa

Shaafi Mosque

Turn back towards the port entrance, passing by the Shaafi Mosque. Founded in the 11th century but rebuilt several times since, it's worth a quick look.