Nakfa (nfa)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than nfa500

  • Double room in a budget hotel: nfa150–375
  • Fast food meal: nfa40–75
  • Tea in a small cafe: nfa2–5
  • Local bus in Asmara: nfa2

Midrange: nfa500–1500

  • Double room in a midrange hotel: nfa375–1125
  • Pizza or pasta: nfa100–120
  • Coffee at a historic cafe: nfa20
  • Taxi to a village near Asmara: nfa400

Top end: More than nfa1500

  • Double room in a restored colonial-era hotel: from nfa1125
  • Eritrean curry with injera: nfa200–300
  • Drink at a dance club: nfa150–300
  • Daily car hire and driver: nfa3000 or more


Bargaining is expected in markets and for contract (ie not shared) taxis. In most other situations, prices are fixed.


Change cash or travellers cheques at the Commercial Bank of Eritrea or the front desk of the Dahlak Hotel, both of which offer the official rate.