Top ChoiceMemorial in Asmara

Tank Graveyard

Part junkyard, part memorial, the ruins of military vehicles from around the country have been dragged to this open field in the years since heavy fighting ended, and make for poignant reflection on the damage...

Top ChoiceHistoric Building in Asmara

Opera House

The Opera House, completed around 1920, is one of Asmara's most elegant early–20th-century buildings. It's free to have a look around during the resident cafe's opening hours. Or hang around and soak up the...

Top ChoiceArchitecture in Asmara

Bowling Alley

A block south of the Municipality Building, the Bowling Alley is one of the few genuine 1950s alleys left in the world. It was probably built for US servicemen when they were manning military bases in the region.

Historic Building in Asmara

Fiat Tagliero Building

A futurist departure from the art deco standard that defines most of the notable Italian-era buildings in Asmara, this former petrol station was constructed in the late 1930s to resemble an airplane and may be...

Cinema in Asmara

Cinema Impero

The eye-catching Cinema Impero from the late 1930s is made up of three massive windows that combine strong vertical and horizontal elements with 45 porthole lamps. This is one of the only historic cinemas in town...

Bar in Asmara

Crispi Bar

Built in 1935, this old bar feels as much like a friend's living room as a place of business. If you're peckish, there's also a selection of simple foods (from nfa40 to nfa100).

Market in Asmara

Medebar Market

Duck up northeast to soak up the atmosphere of the Medebar Market. No doubt you'll be awestruck the minute you enter this mind-boggling place. It's an open-air workshop where absolutely everything is recycled:...

Village in Asmara

Emba Derho

This small village on the road to Keren is within the 25km limit from Asmara within which travellers can move freely without permits, and the foothills that surround it make for a nice wandering day trip. An...

Gelato in Asmara

Da Fortuna Gelato Italiano

Creamy gelato in a variety of flavours, served up in a quiet diner setting south of the city centre. Ask the friendly waitstaff for tips on what's the freshest and you won't be disappointed.

Lounge in Asmara


Ease into low gear by sinking a cocktail at this genteel lounge bar (drinks range from from nfa20 to nfa100). It stays open until midnight, and is a good place to warm up before hitting the clubs. There's no...

Indian in Asmara

Roof Garden

The only Indian restaurant in Eritrea, this upmarket joint on the 5th floor of the Nice Insurance building is praised for its lip-smacking biriani and tandoori dishes. There's also a selection of Chinese dishes....

Italian in Asmara

Ararat Restaurant

The bistro-esque atmosphere is convivial, the menu full of Italian and grilled-meat favourites, and the lasagne particularly mouth-watering. There's also a small selection of Eritrean dishes available at lunch...

Historic Building in Asmara

Villa Roma

Opposite the Africa Pension Hotel, the gleaming Villa Roma is reminiscent of a Roman villa with its marble staircases, louvred shutters, curving balustrades and shady portico. It's currently the residence of the...

Bar in Asmara

Bar Zilli

Anchoring a historic Italian-era building from the late 1930s, this earthy hang-out is a good place to revive your spirits with a macchiato or an Asmara gin, if you dare! If you can't be bothered to look...

Eritrean in Asmara

Dankur Restaurant

Tucked inside a passageway across the street from the cathedral (in the same building as Pensione Pisa), this unassuming restaurant serves up a wide range of Eritrean, Sudanese and Italian fare. Stick with the...

Cafe in Asmara

Green Village

Stop in for coffee and cake favourites and a wide selection of freshly squeezed juices in a bright, cool interior. The macchiato may just be the best in town, and the Italian villa motif makes for a nice respite...

Market in Asmara

Central Market

North of Harnet Ave, the sprawling Central Market is one of Asmara's major attractions. The best time to visit is early on Saturday, when people come in from all over the surrounding region to sell home-grown...

Cafe in Asmara

Pasticceria Moderna

A humming venue on the main drag with traditional styling and a large outdoor seating area. Keep up your strength with a macchiato and a delectable pastry (nfa14), and pull up a chair on the patio for...

Italian in Asmara

Sun Pizza & Fast Food

Friendly owner Nancy prepares excellent pasta dishes, scrumptious pizzas, hearty breakfasts, and a range of local cuisine from a large menu – and all this in a warm setting that wouldn't be out of place in Rome.

Fast Food in Asmara

American Bar

This snazzy fast-food joint serves up decent burgers and explosively fruity cocktails. The streetside terrace allows for a dash of people-watching panache with the historic Opera House in the background.