Fast Food in Asmara

American Bar

This snazzy fast-food joint serves up decent burgers and explosively fruity cocktails. The streetside terrace allows for a dash of people-watching panache with the historic Opera House in the background.
Pizza in Asmara

Napoli Pizzeria

Italian-style pizza in a cosy parlour, with warm staff and cold beer. This is comfort food in a comfortable setting, with no pretensions to being otherwise.
Cafe in Asmara

Cathedral Snack Bar

An inviting spot almost opposite the Catholic cathedral, serving a small food selection and a range of drinks (nfa8).
Fast Food in Asmara

Mask Place

A good-value stomach filler for those in need of some honestly prepared burgers and snacks.
Cafe in Asmara

Alba Bistro

Uninspiring but inoffensive Italian fare in a small bistro two blocks north of Harnet Ave, across from the entrance to the post office. A better choice for desserts, particularly the tempting ice-cream selection.