Asmara in detail

Flights & getting there


Asmara International Airport

This small airport around 7km from Harnet Ave is the country's only international air connection to the rest of the world. While services at the airport itself are limited, major international airlines EgyptAir, FlyDubai, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines all have offices in town.

Note that because of limited internet access and currency restrictions, it may be difficult to make changes to tickets that were booked outside of Eritrea or to use non-cash methods to make bookings within the country.

Transport Options

Taxis meet each flight arrival to transfer travellers into the city centre (around nfa500). Bargain, but they won't budge much. Alternatively, local bus 8 (nfa2) stops in front of the Sembel Hospital about 2km from the airport, or it's an easy 7km walk all the way into town.


As long as travel restrictions remain in place that only permit international travellers to leave the Greater Asmara region in private transportation, the three long-distance bus stations off Afabet St in the north of Asmara are of little interest.


It is sometimes possible to charter the Italian-era steam train for part or all of the trip between Asmara and Massawa. At the time of writing, however, it was completely out of commission.