Car Hire in Bata

Private driver

Oliver Rodriguez is one of the few reliable drivers with a 4WD vehicle based in Bata. He can be hired for a trip to Cogo and Akayalong or north to Rio Campo.

Airport in Bata

Bata International Airport

There is currently just the one international flight from Niamey in Niger (Niger Air). CEIBA and NRT have offices here; all fly to Malabo.There is a bar, but no bank.A taxi into town costs an expensive CFA5000,...

Ferry in Malabo

Elobey Ferry

The Elobey plies the route between Malabo and Bata at a lot less than the price of a flight. Tickets are available at the new port. The journey takes between five and 10 hours, leaving on Friday morning and...

Ferry in Cogo

Somagec Ferry

Somagec runs large ferries across to Corisco whenever it needs to. There's no charge. The journey takes about four hours and leaves Cogo about three or four hours before high tide.

Boat in Malabo

New Port, Malabo

The Elobey ferry runs from the New Port of Malabo to Bata, taking five to 10 hours depending on the weather and the sea. It costs CFA15,000 each way.

Airline in Malabo

Punto Azul

Flies from Malabo to Bata three times per day. When the website is up and running, you will be able to book online and pay with a credit card.

Port in Isla Corisco

Somagec ferry port

The Somagec ferry docks here. There was a new jetty being built at the time of research, located slightly further north.

Airline in Malabo

CEIBA Airlines

Flies to West African destinations as well as from Malabo to Bata. Tickets can only be paid for in cash.

Taxi in Bata

Taxi rank

Taxis to other towns leave from this chaotic market, 5km east from the centre of town.