Top things to do

Top ChoiceEuropean in Bata

La Ferme Beach

La Ferme (pronounced Fermay for taxi drivers) is a lovely beach resort about 20 minutes south of Bata port. It has a large terrace, gorgeous pool surrounded by palm trees and spacious restaurant. Fish is the best...

National Park in Rio Muni

Monte Alen National Park

Monte Alen is one of Central Africa's best-kept secrets, and reason enough to visit Equatorial Guinea. A protected area covering 2000 sq km, the park is an excellent place to experience the lush rain forests and...

Nature Reserve in Rio Campo

Reserva Natural de Rio Campo

This reserve, in the far northwest of Rio Muni, spans 335sq km and is a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance. Turtles, hippos and goliath frogs abound. It is managed by INDEFOR-AP in Bata, from whom you can...

Arts Centre in Bata

Centro Cultural de España en Bata

Housed in an interesting, modern building on the seafront, this cultural centre offers free music, dance, theatre, exhibitions and a library in addition to its Spanish lessons. Its popular restaurant next door...

European in Bata

Utonde Beach Club

This is one of two beach resorts in Utonde and was about to open at the time of our visit. It's very stylish, with thatched umbrellas set around a large pool. Chef Rafi conjures up the usual staples of pizzas,...

Beach in Cogo


This tiny Fang village is worth visiting for its spectacular beach. Standing on the clean sweep of sand, you can see Gabon and the Elobey Islands across the sea. There are dugout canoes on the beach which local...

European in Bata

Bar Central

If you spend any time at all in Bata, you will gravitate to this friendly bar and restaurant. Set on a crossroads, the terrace is surrounded by plants that seem to usher in a welcome cool breeze. There's a wide...

Lebanese in Bata

Restaurant L'Orientale

A huge, sprawling place on the seafront, this grand restaurant offers good Lebanese food and generous, if doughy, pizzas. With few customers these days, quite a few menu items are unavailable, but the hummus is...

African in Bata

Restaurant Naby

Part of the Hotel Finisterre San Pedro, this restaurant is set in a shady terrace and offers good pastries and omelettes for breakfast (but no coffee). There are crêpes, pizzas and salads, but the Senegalese...

Soccer in Bata

Bata Stadium

Built by the Chinese in 2007 for the African Women's Cup of Nations, this state-of-the-art stadium holds 35,000 people. It also hosted matches in the 2015 and 2017 African Cup of Nations. Local teams draw huge...

Club in Bata

Rolex Discoteca

The place to be seen in Bata, this place rocks over the weekend with its dark interior, loud music, mirrors and lasers. It's not cheap, though, with its high entrance price and drinks around CFA5000 each. It's...

Cafe in Bata

Pastelleria Central

Pastries – including croissants and pains au chocolat – and good coffee make this a great place for breakfast. Next to its sister, the Bar Central, it has an air-conditioned inside and a good terrace.

Square in Bata

Plaza del Reloj

Also known as the Plaza de la Libertad, this large square features the clock tower of its name (reloj) as well as a memorial statue to those who fought in the 1979 coup.

Bar in Bata

Cervezeria Elik Melen

The 1st-floor terrace at this hotel has sea views, while the bar inside has wood panelling and blasting air-con. It's a convivial place, especially when the football is on TV.

European in Bata

Big Bites

Lebanese hummus, pizzas, pastas and burgers are on the menu at this friendly place with a large terrace. KFC Big Bites are CFA4000, just don't mention copyright laws.

Bridge in Mbini

Benito River Bridge

Linking Bolondo with Mbini, this impressive, Chinese-built bridge spans the Benito River and replaces the old ferry. It's lit up at night, but do not take photos.

Sports Bar in Bata

Bar Estadio

An open-air bar with some sports screens, located next to the old stadium, this is a great place for a beer, especially on match nights.

Bar in Isla Corisco

Bar Horizonte

This is a good place for beer. You'll find lots of Moroccans here from the Somagec housing complex opposite.