Equatorial Guinea in detail

Flights & getting there


The only way to get to Equatorial Guinea is to fly in to Malabo. All land border crossings were closed for non-nationals at the time of writing.

Airports & Airlines

Malabo International Airport lies 9km west of the city centre. At the time of writing, an impressive new airport was being built adjacent. It's a chaotic place; get there at least two hours before your flight.

Check-in for CEIBA flights is in a separate building to boarding. In the main building, there is a cafe, a bank that is only open during banking hours, and an ATM that often does not accept cards. It's worth having euros or dollars in small denominations if you are unable to withdraw cash and have to pay for a taxi in foreign currency (the taxi into town should cost CFA2000).

The following international airlines fly into Malabo:

Africa's Connection from São Tomé (www.africas-connection.com)

Air France from Paris (www.airfrance.com)

CEIBA Intercontinental (Equatorial Guinea's own airline; site under construction at the time of research, but it should eventually be www.fly-ceiba.com)

Ethiopian Airways from Addis Ababa (www.ethiopianairlines.com)

Iberia from Madrid (www.iberia.com)

Lufthansa from Frankfurt (www.lufthansa.com)

Royal Air Maroc from Casablanca (www.royalairmaroc.com)

Bata International Airport is also termed 'international', but so far the only international airline flying into Bata is Niger Airlines from Niamey. The airport lies 4km north of the city.

Departure Tax

There is no departure tax.


At the time of research, all border crossings were closed for non-nationals.


At the time of research, it was not possible for non-nationals to arrive in Equatorial Guinea by sea.