Equatorial Guinea in detail

Health & insurance

Before You Go

Health Insurance

Health insurance is recommended for travelling in Equatorial Guinea.


Anti-malarial prophylaxis is essential. This has to be started before departure.

A mosquito net is recommended, as well as an anti-malarial lotion or spray high in DEET.

In Equatorial Guinea

Availability & Cost of Heathcare

Healthcare of a good standard is available in Malabo and Bata at the La Paz hospitals. Expect to pay at least the same as you would at home. Pharmacies are well-stocked in the cities, but pharmacists might not speak English. Medical care outside Malabo and Bata is rudimentary.

Tap Water

The tap water is not potable. Bottled water is available everywhere in 500mL and 1.5L bottles.

Medical Services

The La Paz hospital and pharmacies in Malabo and Bata are world-class, but other health facilities leave a lot to be desired. The cost is similar to or more expensive than Western norms. Outside the cities, medical care is basic. Doctors and pharmacists will likely only speak Spanish, so take an interpreter along if you don't.