Equatorial Guinea in detail


Equatorial Guinea in One Week

Kick off your visit in Malabo with its Spanish colonial architecture, and work in a day trip to the jewel of Bioko, Ureca, to watch turtles lay their eggs on the beaches and to explore the dense rain forest. Then get yourself on a plane to the mainland, pausing in the laid-back city of Bata before a trip up the coast to the deserted beaches of Rio Campo.

Equatorial Guinea in Two Weeks

Leaving the city of Bata behind, make your way down south to the small town of Cogo to catch the boat to Isla Corisco to kick off your shoes on the gorgeous beach. Move up to the Monte Alen National Park for a week's camping trip to discover the wealth of animals. Return to Bata and fly to Malabo for a few days exploring the city and take a day trip around Bioko Island, including a hike up Pico Basile for stupendous views over the island.