Equatorial Guinea in detail

Travel with Children

As Equatorial Guinea is hot and humid, you will need to take extra care when travelling with babies and young children. Use a pre-treated mosquito net and malaria prophylaxis, and keep them covered at dawn and dusk to avoid bites.

Supermarkets in Malabo and Bata sell disposable nappies and milk formula, but for travelling outside these cities, it's best to have your own supply.

There are no public baby-changing facilities.

Pavements in cities have lowered kerbs for prams, but be careful of pot-holes, open drains and missing paving stones. It's a good idea to use a torch at night as streets are not always well lit. Some upmarket hotels have a lift: useful if you have a pram or pushchair.

In Malabo, the National Park will provide fun activities for children with slides, swings and climbing frames (it was not quite finished at the time of research). Elsewhere, both on Bioko Island and Rio Muni, there are some beautiful beaches, and the resort of La Ferme Beach near Bata has a restaurant and pool. However, in some resorts such as Mbini, the beach is not as clean as it could be, so it's best to wear sandals or sand shoes.

For older children, turtle-watching and hikes at Ureca organised by the Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program's Moka Wildlife Center, more turtle-watching at the Reserva Natural de Rio Campo, as well as hiking in the Monte Alen National Park are unforgettable experiences.