Equatorial Guinea in detail

Entry & Exit Formalities

Customs Regulations

  • Your bags will be searched by customs officials on arrival on international flights, and at departure of national flights.
  • If you wish to bring in professional camera equipment, request this when you apply for a visa. Bringing this equipment into the country without the required papers will cause problems.


Your passport must be valid for at least six months after arrival.

Tourist Permits

Having a visa for Equatorial Guinea is not sufficient for travelling inside the country. As soon after arrival as possible, you must apply for an Autorización de Turismo (Tourist Permit) at the Ministerio de Turismo in Malabo II or the Delegación de Cultura y Turismo in Bata. You will be provided with an example of an application letter which must be typed, printed, signed and presented with the CFA15,000 fee and a copy of your passport and visa. Allow at least one day to get the permit. It has to be approved and signed by the Minister of Tourism, but what would happen if he were off sick or on holiday is not clear. In the application letter, it is essential to list everywhere you want to visit. If you are stopped somewhere not on your list, you will be turned away. The tourist permit must be produced along with a copy of your passport and visa whenever you are stopped by police. Take copies of the permit to avoid handing over the precious original. Printing and copying can be done at Cibermax.

When you arrive in a small town or village and intend to stay for a few days, it is advisable to register your presence with the local authority, the Delegado or police station (Comisario). They will require a copy of your passport, visa and tourist permit.


All nationalities need a visa for Equatorial Guinea except for US residents, who nevertheless still have to complete the form.

Further Information

Visas for Equatorial Guinea can take some time to obtain. Allow at least three weeks.