Malabo in detail


Day Trip

A day trip from Malabo around the northern two-thirds of Bioko Island is well worth taking. Contact a tour operator such as Ruta 47 to arrange transport and expect to pay around CFA131,000.

The excellent tarred road with well-tended verges will take you clockwise around the island, passing through small towns and villages. The beautiful Mt Cameroon is visible in the distance as you leave Malabo.

Look out for the pretty yellow Sagrada Familia Church in Basakato. Riaba has about 1000 people and a strong military presence. It's a pretty town with a small lighthouse, a pink church and a large house belonging to the former prime minister. Here the road turns west towards Moka and climbs into the central region. You will see huge, stately ceiba trees, the national emblem of Equatorial Guinea. At an elevation of 1000m, Moka is cooler and home to one of the president's palaces complete with two helipads. Continue on to Luba on the west coast, which is a good place to stop for lunch. Arena Blanca has a lovely yellow-sand beach, clouds of breeding butterflies and a few drinking shacks, all very popular on Sundays. Finally, you'll pass the extension of the university campus, and a striking mosque as you return to Malabo.