Equatorial Guinea

Central African Franc (CFA)

Spanish, Fang, Bubi, French


Hospital in Malabo

La Paz Hospital

This is the top hospital in the country, staffed by Europeans and Israelis. There's a pharmacy and five-star hotel on-site.

Telephone in Malabo

GETESA Central

SIM cards for foreigners are only available here.There are several GETESA offices, but this is the main one. Taxi drivers know it as GETESA Central.

Tourist Information in Bata


Permits to visit Monte Alen National Park and the coastal parks of Rio Campo and Tika are available here. It has excellent brochures on Monte Alen.

Hospital in Bata

La Paz Hospital

This is the top hospital on the mainland, staffed by European and Israeli medics.The hospital has a pharmacy and even a five-star hotel.

Tourist Information in Mbini


If you intend to spend a few days in Mbini, it is advisable to register here.

Tourist Information in Rio Campo


Register your presence here if you intend to stay overnight.