Arts Centre in Malabo

L'Institut Culturel d'Expression Française

All sorts of artistic endeavours are represented here, from debates to musical evenings, fashion shows, dance and art exhibitions. Both locals and visitors from France are represented. Find the program on the...

Arts Centre in Malabo

Centro Cultural de España en Malabo

This large cultural centre offers Spanish courses as well as a wide array of free events such as concerts, film, theatre and dance, exhibitions, a library and children's activities.The pleasant restaurant (mains...

Arts Centre in Bata

Centro Cultural de España en Bata

Housed in an interesting, modern building on the seafront, this cultural centre offers free music, dance, theatre, exhibitions and a library in addition to its Spanish lessons. Its popular restaurant next door...

Stadium in Malabo

Complejo Deportivo de Malabo

Built to co-host (with Gabon) the African Cup of Nations soccer competition in 2012, this stadium holds 15,250 fans. Regular matches are played here; tickets are available on-site.

Soccer in Bata

Bata Stadium

Built by the Chinese in 2007 for the African Women's Cup of Nations, this state-of-the-art stadium holds 35,000 people. It also hosted matches in the 2015 and 2017 African Cup of Nations. Local teams draw huge...