Top Choice Opera in Muscat

Royal Opera House Muscat

Built by the same architects as the Grand Mosque, the Royal Opera House Muscat is worth a visit simply to admire the harmonious amalgam of marble, inlaid wood and Arabesque design. Some of the most famous names in o…
Top Choice Theatre in Tehran

Iranshahr Theatre

One of Tehran’s oldest theatres, this beautiful building in peaceful Park-e Honar Mandan typically has four different shows playing in its complex with two stages. While most of the shows here are performed in Farsi…
Top Choice Theatre in Tel Aviv

Nalaga’at Centre

A unique nonprofit organisation set in a renovated shipping hangar, Nalaga’at (meaning ‘Do Touch’) is the only deaf-blind theatre company in the world. While watching a show here, it’s easy to forget that the people…
Top Choice Performing Arts in Tsfat

Khan of the White Donkey

This pluralistic cultural centre hosts a variety of cultural, environmental and health-oriented community activities, including concerts (50NIS to 70NIS), open-mic jam sessions (20NIS, on some Thursdays at 9pm) and …
Live Music in Tel Aviv


This Tel Aviv institution at the southernmost point of the city is a favourite venue for reggae, rock and random alternative bands.
Classical Music in Tel Aviv

Charles Bronfman Auditorium

Home to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the Charles Bronfman Auditorium hosts performances several times a week.
Concert Venue in Downtown Dubai

Dubai Opera

Shaped like a traditional dhow – the sailing vessels that once plied the Arabian Gulf, laden with pearls and fish – Dubai Opera hosts world-class performances, ranging from opera and ballet to comedy and musicals. T…
Live Music in Yazd

Traditional Persian Night

The Kohan Traditional Hotel offers an evening of classical entertainments over a Persian dinner in the fine setting of its beautiful courtyard garden. The price includes live setar music, story-telling, a three-cour…
Spectator Sport in Mashhad


While the chamber is less exotic than the equivalent at Yazd, this regular zurkhaneh meet is a very real – and surreal – Iranian experience, with well over a dozen regulars going through a series of different displa…
Spectator Sport in Esfarayen

Koshti Bachukeh

A local form of wrestling, koshti bachukeh is popular across the region, but every year, two weeks after Noruz, the year's championship comes to a conclusion in the gladiators' pit that is Esfarayen's Godeh Zeynalkh…