Top Choice Cinema in Phnom Penh

Meta House

This German-run cinema screens art-house films, documentaries and shorts from Cambodia and around the world most evenings at 4pm (admission free) and 7pm (admission varies). Films are sometimes followed by Q&As …
Top Choice Cinema in Ubud


This organic vegetarian restuarant also screens two or three nightly movies at its surprisingly plush 150-seat cinema. The price of admission is redeemable against items from the Earth Cafe menu – so a great deal. D…
Cinema in Luang Prabang

Moonlight Cinema

The latest films are shown at the Ock Pop Tok centre every Thursday at 7.30pm, screened after 7pm dinner. Tuk-tuk is inclusive; pick-up is from in front of the Joma Bakery on Th Chao Fa Ngum at 6.45pm. Book online.
Cinema in Jaipur

Raj Mandir Cinema

Just off MI Rd, Raj Mandir is the place to go to see a Hindi film in India. This opulent cinema looks like a huge pink cream cake, with a meringue auditorium and a foyer somewhere between a temple and Disneyland. Bo…
Cinema in Shibuya & Shimo-Kitazawa


Watching indies at Uplink feels a bit like hanging out in a friend's basement; with just 40 (comfy, mismatched) seats, it's officially Tokyo's smallest theatre. Artsy domestic and foreign films (subtitled in Japanes…
Cinema in Riverside, Silom & Lumphini

Bangkok Screening Room

Bangkok has heaps of attractions that draw tourists in — great weather, fantastic bars, unbeatable food, low prices — but it's not known for being an arts haven. This cinema is trying to change that, one indie film …
Cinema in Leh

'Ancient Futures' Film Screenings

The still-relevant 1993 documentary Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh or the similarly thought-provoking film The Economics of Happiness are screened on alternate days giving background to the ecological and eco…
Cinema in Delhi

Delite Cinema

Founded in 1954 as the tallest building in Delhi, the Delite was renovated in 2006 and it's no ordinary cinema, with a painted dome and Czech chandeliers. It’s a great place to see a masala picture (full-throttle Bo…
Cinema in Yangon

Nay Pyi Daw Cinema

Along with the neighbouring Shae Saung Cinema, this is one of the busiest movie houses in Yangon, screening local films, Hollywood staples and Bollywood extravaganzas. The building's early-1960s architecture is very…
Cinema in Vientiane

Centre Culturel et de Coopération Linguistique

Dance, art exhibitions, literary discussions and live music all take place in this Gallic hive of cultural activity. As well as cult French films – shown weekends at 3pm (kids) and 6.30pm (adults) – the centre also …