Top Choice British in Whitstable

Sportsman Pub

The anonymous and oddly named village of Seasalter, 4 miles east of Whitstable, would hardly receive a trickle of visitors wereit not for the deceivingly ramshackle Sportsman Pub, East Kent’s only eatery adorned wit…
Seafood in Whitstable

Wheeler’s Oyster Bar

Squeeze onto a stool by the bar or into the four-table Victorian dining room of this baby-blue and pink restaurant, choose from the seasonal menu and enjoy the best seafood in Whitstable. This place knows its stuff,…
Modern British in Whitstable


The shabby-chic jumble of tables and chairs, big-print wallpaper and blackboard menus create the perfect stage for meticulously crafted mains containing East Kent’s most flavour-packed ingredients. An interesting si…