Feature: Dracula in Whitby

The famous story of Dracula, inspiration for a thousand lurid horror movies, was written by Bram Stoker while holidaying in Whitby in 1897 (a blue plaque at 6 Royal Cres marks the hotel where he stayed). Although most Hollywood versions of the tale concentrate on deepest, darkest Transylvania, a large part of the original book was set in Whitby, and many of the sites can still be seen today.

Modern-day Dracula hunts invariably start or end at St Mary's Church beside Whitby Abbey, which is where the book describes the vampire's ship making landfall. The church has received so many fans looking for Dracula's grave that it recently had to put a sign on the door informing the public that, alas, it's not there…because he's not real.

During Whitby's two Goth Weekends, a steady stream of loyal devotees can usually be seen making their pilgrimage up to Bram Stoker's Memorial Seat on the East Cliff's Kyber Pass.