Top things to do

Top Choice Cafe in Wells

Goodfellows Cafe & Seafood Restaurant

There's a choice of eating options in Goodfellows' three vibrant rooms: the continental cafe menu offers cakes, pastries and light lunches (opt to pay either £10 or £19 for two courses and a drink). Or book for an e…
Top Choice Cathedral in Wells

Wells Cathedral

Wells' gargantuan Gothic cathedral sits plumb in the centre of the city, surrounded by one of the largest cathedral closes anywhere in England. It was built in stages between 1180 and 1508, and consequently showcase…
Historic Building in Wells

Bishop's Palace

Built for the bishop in the 13th century, this moat-ringed palace is purportedly the oldest inhabited building in England. Inside, the palace's state rooms and ruined great hall are worth a look, but it's the shady …
Museum in Wells

Wells Museum

Exhibits include those on local life, cathedral architecture and archaeological finds from the nearby cave network of Wookey Hole, including the bones of the infamous 'Wookey Hole Witch'. The most striking display, …
Cave in Wells

Wookey Hole

The River Axe has gouged out this network of deep limestone caverns which are famous for striking stalagmites and stalactites, one of which is the legendary Witch of Wookey Hole, who was turned to stone by a local p…
Cave in Wells

Cheddar Gorge

Carved out by glacial meltwater during the last ice age, these limestone cliffs form England's deepest natural canyon, in places towering 138m above the twisting B3135. Beneath the cliffs, the gorge is riddled with …
Cafe in Wells

Strangers with Coffee

'Life is too short to drink bad coffee' says the sign – something they've taken to heart here as they work caffeinated magic with some of the best beans in town. There's a tempting selection of cakes to match.
Vegetarian in Wells

Good Earth

A wholefoods shop that's branched out into homeware and a fantastic veggie cafe, which offers two daily dishes plus salads, soups, pizzas and quiches. To be enjoyed in a sunny dining room or the secret patio garden.
Bistro in Wells

Square Edge

There's an easy-going charm to Square Edge, a retro eatery where 1950s movie posters frame old jukeboxes and vintage radios. Treats range from garlicky portobello mushrooms on soda bread toast, to steak with Stilton…
Historic Site in Wells

Cathedral Close

Wells Cathedral forms the centrepiece of a cluster of ecclesiastical buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. Facing the west front, on the left are the 15th-century Old Deanery and the Wells Museum.Further north, …