Sharpham Wine & Cheese

Winery in Totnes

Three miles south of Totnes off the A381, this renowned vineyard is chiefly known for its crisp, sparkling white wines, as well as its delicious cheeses. Perched above the meandering River Dart, it's become one of the UK's best-known winemakers. You can explore the vine-covered slopes solo (£2.50), followed by a wine and/or cheese tasting in the shop (£7 and £3 respectively), or plump for the full guided tour (£20, 3pm Saturday and Sunday, April to September).

Connoisseurs claim that Sharpham's premium Sparkling Blanc is every bit as good as champagne, but its dry whites and rosés are fantastic quality too – and the vineyard has a sting of awards to prove it. It does produce reds, but the cooler British climate means that generally they're much lighter in style than their continental counterparts. Cheese-wise, Shapham's choices range from soft brie-style to strong and blue, but they're always experimenting with new varieties, so there are often seasonal surprises in store.

The Dart Valley Trail runs near the estate, and makes for a lovely walk from Totnes.

The winery is also home to the excellent Vineyard Kitchen.