Top Choice Winery in Totnes

Sharpham Wine & Cheese

Three miles south of Totnes off the A381, this renowned vineyard is chiefly known for its crisp, sparkling white wines, as well as its delicious cheeses. Perched above the meandering River Dart, it's become one of t…
Castle in Totnes

Berry Pomeroy Castle

Two miles east of Totnes, this ruined castle was originally built by the feudal Pomeroys in the 15th century. Within the walls is a second stronghold, a Tudor mansion constructed by Edward Seymour, the 1st Duke of S…
Historic Site in Totnes

Dartington Estate

Henry VIII gave this pastoral 324-hectare estate to two of his wives (Catherines Howard and Parr). For many years it was home to the town's art college; now the 14th-century manor house hosts events, including renow…
Castle in Totnes

Totnes Castle

High on a hilltop above town, Totnes' castle is among the best-preserved examples of a Norman 'motte and bailey' castle (a round keep sitting on a raised earthwork). The views over Totnes's rooftops and the South Ha…
Gardens in Totnes

Elizabethan Garden

Signs in this tiny walled garden cast light on 16th-century medical thinking, outlining which herbs were used to cure which ailment: soapwort for syphilis, woad to staunch bleeding and bay for bee stings. It's acces…
Historic Building in Totnes


Parts of this atmospheric structure were once the kitchens of the town's Norman priory; look out for cells, ceremonial robes and an elaborate council chamber inside.
Museum in Totnes

Totnes Fashion & Textiles Museum

Beautifully displayed 18th- to 20th-century garments, set in one of Totnes' finest Tudor merchant's houses.