Park in Torquay & Around

Cockington Country Park

At 182 hectares, Cockington provides a welcome oasis of calm, green space, just a mile from Torquay's seafront bustle. Walking trails wind through fields, woods and parkland surrounding a 17th-century manor house, w…
Underground in Torquay & Around

Kents Cavern

Expect stalactites to drip water on your head and temperatures to dip to 14°C amid these atmospheric caves. Hour-long guided tours lead through a maze of rusty-red, uneven tunnels linking rock galleries, arcades and…
Zoo in Torquay & Around

Paignton Zoo

A conservation charity runs this innovative, 32-hectare zoo, where spacious enclosures recreate habitats as varied as savannah, wetland, tropical forest and desert. High spots include the orangutan island, vast glas…
Exhibition in Torquay & Around

Babbacombe Model Village

Prepare for a fabulously eccentric, 1.6-hectare world in miniature, complete with small-scale Stonehenge, football stadium, beach, castle (under attack from a fire-breathing dragon) and thatched village where firefi…
Zoo in Torquay & Around

Living Coasts

An enormous open-plan aviary bringing you up close to free-roaming penguins, punk-rocker-style tufted puffins and irresistibly cute otters. Booking online saves money and queues.
Museum in Torquay & Around

Torquay Museum

The collection at Torquay's town museum is eclectic, taking in everything from samurai suits of armour to Egyptian mummies and taxidermied butterflies. It also has a great collection of Agatha Christie ephemera, inc…
Ferry in Torquay & Around

Teign Ferry

The open-topped Teign Ferry shuttles from Teignmouth to the appealing village of Shaldon on the south bank. The ferry service began life around the 10th century, while the distinctive black-and-white colour scheme o…
Wildlife Reserve in Torquay & Around

Dawlish Warren

Clinging to the coast on the southern shore of the mouth of the River Exe, the curling sand spit here reaches far out into the water, offering exhilarating views up the river and out to sea. The variety of habitats …
Museum in Torquay & Around

Teignmouth & Shaldon Museum

It's as far from a fusty old museum as you can get, with engaging exhibits filling a stylish new building. Step into a Victorian bathing machine, feel the weight of a cannonball, and have a go at being a Punch 'n' …
Amusements in Torquay & Around

Paignton Pier

The chance to indulge in pure holiday nostalgia: on this grand old Victorian pier you can parade along the long wooden deck, jump in a dodgem, bounce around on a trampoline and have a game of crazy golf.