Top Choice Historic Site in Suffolk

Sutton Hoo

Somehow missed by plundering grave robbers and left undisturbed for 1300 years, the hull of an enormous Anglo-Saxon ship was discovered here in 1939, buried under a mound of earth. The vessel was the final resting p…
Brewery in Bury St Edmunds

Greene King Brewery

They’ve been crafting some of England's favourite booze in this working brewery since 1799. Explore the town’s 900-year-old brewing heritage in the visitor centre, then take a tour (2pm weekdays, plus 11am Wednesday…
Cathedral in Bury St Edmunds

St Edmundsbury Cathedral

The 45m-high tower of this cathedral was only completed in 2005 and is a vision in Lincolnshire limestone – its traditional Gothic-style construction conveys how many English cathedrals must have looked fresh from t…
Museum in Bury St Edmunds

Moyse's Hall

Set in an impressive 12th-century undercroft, Moyse's Hall's rarities include a locket containing some of Mary Tudor's hair and finds from Bury's ruined abbey. Displays chart the key episodes in the town's past, inc…
Church in Long Melford

Holy Trinity

Magnificent Holy Trinity is more cathedral-sized than church-sized, a spectacular example of a 15th-century wool church. The stained-glass windows and flint-and-stone flushwork are outstanding.
Historic Building in Long Melford

Melford Hall

From outside, the romantic Elizabethan mansion of Melford Hall seems little changed since it entertained Queen Elizabeth I in 1578. Inside, there's a panelled banqueting hall, masses of Regency and Victorian finery,…
Historic Building in Long Melford

Kentwell Hall

Gorgeous, turreted, Kentwell Hall may date from the 1500s and be full of Tudor grandeur, but it's still used as a private home, resulting in a wonderfully lived-in feel. Kentwell is framed by a rectangular moat, glo…
Museum in Sudbury

Gainsborough's House

Most visitors to Sudbury come to see Thomas Gainsborough's atmospheric birthplace, now home to the world's largest collection of his work. The 16th-century house and gardens feature a Georgian facade built by the ar…
Historic Building in Lavenham

Lavenham Guildhall

Lavenham's most enchanting buildings are clustered along High St, Water St and around the unusually triangular Market Pl. They're dominated by this early-16th-century whitewashed guildhall – a superb example of a cl…
Historic Building in Lavenham

Little Hall

Caramel-coloured, 14th-century Little Hall was once home to a successful wool merchant. Inside, the rooms of this medieval gem were restored to period splendour through the efforts of the Gayer-Anderson twins who ma…