Art in West London

Japanese Gallery

Offers a large range of original, fine and historic Ukiyo-e ('pictures of the floating world') woodblock Japanese prints. Prices range from under £100 to much more for museum-quality examples. The shop also sells a …
Arts & Crafts in The City

London Silver Vaults

The 30-odd shops that work out of these secure subterranean vaults make up the largest collection of silver under one roof in the world. The different businesses tend to specialise in particular types of silverware …
Arts & Crafts in St Ives

Sloop Craft Market

Just off the harbour, this little mews holds the workshops and exhibition spaces for several local artists, creating everything from driftwood furniture to handmade jewellery. if you're after an affordable piece of …
Arts & Crafts in The West End

Button Queen

Make a beeline to this place for all your fastening needs. It’s been in business for more than 60 years and is creaking under the weight of an absurd variety of buttons, including ones old enough to qualify as antiq…
Arts & Crafts in Manchester

Manchester Craft & Design Centre

This award-winning centre (in a building dating from 1873) stocks jewellery, ceramics, bags and furnishings all handmade by local designers. There's also a cafe on the premises.
Arts & Crafts in Clerkenwell, Shoreditch & Spitalfields

Craft Central

Headquarters for a not-for-profit organisation supporting local craftspeople and designers, Craft Central has a small shop showcasing work from a different artisan every week. The real trick is to time your visit wi…
Arts & Crafts in The West End

Blade Rubber Stamps

Just south of the British Museum, this specialist shop stocks just about every wooden-handled rubber stamp you care to imagine: from London icons like phone boxes, Beefeaters and the Houses of Parliament to landscap…