Top Choice Cathedral in Salisbury

Salisbury Cathedral

England is endowed with countless stunning churches, but few can hold a candle to the grandeur and sheer spectacle of 13th-century Salisbury Cathedral. This early English Gothic–style structure has an elaborate exte…
Top Choice Historic Building in Salisbury

Wilton House

Stately Wilton House provides an insight into the rarefied world of the British aristocracy. One of England's finest stately homes, it's been the house of the earls of Pembroke since 1542, and has been expanded, imp…
Top Choice Museum in Salisbury

Magna Carta

The Magna Carta on display in Salisbury Cathedral's Chapter House is one of only four surviving original copies. A historic agreement made in 1215 between King John and his barons, it acknowledged the fundamental pr…
Top Choice Museum in Salisbury

Salisbury Museum

The hugely important archaeological finds here include the Stonehenge Archer, the bones of a man found in the ditch surrounding the stone circle – one of the arrows found alongside probably killed him. With gold coi…
Archaeological Site in Salisbury

Old Sarum

The huge ramparts of Old Sarum sit on a grass-covered hill 2 miles north of Salisbury. You can wander the grassy ramparts, see the original cathedral's stone foundations, and look across the Wiltshire countryside to…
Historic Site in Salisbury

Cathedral Close

Salisbury's medieval cathedral close, a hushed enclave surrounded by beautiful houses, has an other-worldly feel. Many of the buildings date from the 13th century, although the area was heavily restored during an 18…
Church in Salisbury

St Thomas's Church

This stately church was built for cathedral workmen in 1219 and named after St Thomas Becket. Its most famous feature is the amazing doom painting above the chancel arch, painted in 1475, which depicts Christ on the…
Historic Building in Salisbury

Mompesson House

Magnificent plasterwork ceilings, exceptional period furnishings and a sweeping carved staircase grace this fine Queen Anne (1701) building. All that made it the perfect location for the 1995 film Sense and Sensibil…
Museum in Salisbury


Collections include a cannonball from the American War of Independence, Victorian redcoat uniforms, and displays on 19th- and 21st-century conflicts in Afghanistan.
Landmark in Salisbury

Poultry Cross

Dating from the 15th century, the Poultry Cross is the last of four crosses that once stood on the town's market square.