Top Choice Historic Ship in Portsmouth

HMS Victory

As resplendent as she is venerable, HMS Victory was Lord Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar (1805) and the site of his famous dying words 'Kiss me, Hardy', after victory over the French had been secured. T…
Top Choice Historic Ship in Portsmouth

HMS Warrior

Anywhere else, the magnificent warship HMS Warrior would grab centre stage. This stately dame was at the cutting edge of technology when she was built in 1860, riding the transition from wood to iron and sail to ste…
Top Choice Museum in Portsmouth

Mary Rose Museum

The raising of the 16th-century warship the Mary Rose in 1982 was an extraordinary feat of marine archaeology. The £35-million, boat-shaped museum that's been built around her gives uninterrupted views of the preser…
Top Choice Historic Ships in Portsmouth

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Portsmouth's blockbuster draw sees you gazing at the evocative hulk of Henry VIII's flagship, the Mary Rose, and jumping aboard HMS Victory – the warship Nelson captained at the Battle of Trafalgar. Then there's the…
Museum in Portsmouth

Action Stations!

Stroll into Action Stations!, a warehouse full of child-friendly interactive gadgets, to command a warship, gaze at an astronauts’ view of earth, and peek up a periscope. The whole set-up is a thinly disguised recru…
Museum in Portsmouth

D-Day Museum

The exhibits here recount the assault mounted by Allied D-Day forces in 1944 and Portsmouth's key role in the operation.
Museum in Portsmouth

National Museum of the Royal Navy

Cannon-fire, recoiling guns and blood-spattered, injured sailors appear in this museum's multimedia re-creation of the Battle of Trafalgar – Nelson and Napoleon even pop up to give a tactical briefing.
Historic Ship in Portsmouth

HMS Alliance at the Submarine Museum

Taking a trip deep into the bowels of the WWII-era sub HMS Alliance is compelling, thanks to the lights, sounds and even smells used to create a sense that you're visiting just as the crew has gone ashore. HMS Allia…
Tower in Portsmouth

Spinnaker Tower

The Spinnaker Tower soars 170m above Gunwharf Quays, its two sweeping white arcs resembling a billowing sail from some angles, and a skeletal ribcage from others. The 23-mile views take in Portsmouth, the Isle of Wi…
Historic Site in Portsmouth

The Point

The Point's characterful cobbled streets are dotted with higgledy-piggledy houses and salty sea-dog pubs, their terraces prime places to watch streams of ferries and naval ships. Here you can climb Henry V's Round T…