Plymouth's eating scene has improved in leaps and bounds over recent years – you'll now find decent places to eat all over the city, from British bistros to seafood bars and Asian street food. The Barbican offers particularly rich pickings.

Cafe Culture

On a sunny summer’s day the people of Plymouth head for a waterside cafe to watch the world drift by. Terrace is a firm local favourite. Tucked away at the side of Tinside Lido, it boasts panoramic views across Plymouth Sound and a chilled soundtrack. To the west, the tables and chairs of Coffee Shack are scattered along the waterside promenade.

From both, watch out for strings of yachts, dinghy races, lone canoeists, dive boats, cross-channel ferries, warships, submarines, gig boats, sea swimmers and fishing trawlers. On a fine day this kind of experience helps explain why Plymothians, although first to admit their city is far from perfect, think of it with a sneaking sense of pride.