Top Choice Landmark in Plymouth

Plymouth Hoe

Francis Drake supposedly spied the Spanish fleet from this grassy headland overlooking Plymouth Sound (the city's wide bay); the bowling green on which he continued to finish his game after the sighting was probably…
Monument in Plymouth

Mayflower Steps

The Mayflower Steps mark the approximate final UK departure point of the Pilgrim Fathers – the band of settlers who founded New England's first permanent colony at Plymouth (Massachusetts) in 1620. Having left South…
Historic Building in Plymouth

Island House

Look out for a plaque bearing the names of the Pilgrims who set sail on the Mayflower in 1620 for what became America.
Historic Building in Plymouth

Merchant's House

It's worth checking whether this fine half-timbered building has re-opened after essential repairs. The largest 17th-century house in Plymouth, it's packed with curiosities, ranging from manacles, truncheons and a d…