Top Choice Area in Plymouth


For a glimpse of what Plymouth might have looked like before the bombers of the Luftwaffe had their way, head down to this historic harbour area, where the part-cobbled streets are lined with Tudor and Jacobean buil…
Top Choice Landmark in Plymouth

Plymouth Hoe

Francis Drake supposedly spied the Spanish fleet from this grassy headland overlooking Plymouth Sound (the city's wide bay); the bowling green on which he finished his game was probably where his statue now stands. …
Top Choice Distillery in Plymouth

Plymouth Gin Distillery

This heavily beamed distillery has been concocting gin since 1793, making it the oldest producer of the spirit in the world. The Royal Navy ferried it round the world in countless officers' messes and the brand was …
Aquarium in Plymouth

National Marine Aquarium

The sharks here swim in coral seas that teem with moray eels and vividly coloured fish – there's even a loggerhead turtle called Snorkel who was rescued from a Cornish beach. Walk-through glass arches ensure huge ra…
Market in Plymouth

Plymouth Fish Market

Around 60,000 tonnes of fish pass through this fish market on Sutton Harbour, making it the second biggest by volume in England after Billingsgate. It's an amazing sight when it's in full flow, and it's possible to …
Monument in Plymouth

Mayflower Steps

The Mayflower Steps mark the final UK departure point of the Pilgrim Fathers – the band of settlers who founded New England's first permanent colony at Plymouth (Massachusetts) in 1620. Having left Southampton and b…
Lighthouse in Plymouth

Smeaton's Tower

The red-and-white stripes of Smeaton's Tower rise from the middle of the Plymouth Hoe headland. The whole 21m structure used to stand on the Eddystone Reef, 14 miles offshore, and was transferred here, brick by bric…
Museum in Plymouth

City Museum and Art Gallery

The imaginative displays conjure up Plymouth's rich history. Look out for Napoleonic-era bone model ships and the skis of doomed Antarctic explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott – a Plymouth man.
Statue in Plymouth

Drake Statue

A monument to one of Plymouth's most celebrated sons, the globetrotting explorer and hero of the battle against the Spanish Armada.
Historic Building in Plymouth

Island House

Look out for a plaque bearing all the names of the brave pilgrims who set sail on the Mayflower in 1620.