Church in Penrith

St Andrews Church

Penrith's name derives from an old Celtic word meaning 'red fell', and the area's crimson sandstone is clear to see in many of the town's buildings, including its parish church. Legend has it that a great giant (the…
Ruin in Penrith

Penrith Castle

The ruins of Penrith Castle loom on the edge of town opposite the train station. Built in the 14th century by William Strickland (later Bishop of Carlisle and Archbishop of Canterbury), it was later expanded by Rich…
Visitor Centre in Penrith


Cunningly disguised as a Lakeland hill 2 miles west of Penrith, this visitor centre houses an Imax cinema and temporary exhibitions. There's also a large retail hall selling Cumbrian foodstuffs and souvenirs. Local …