• Newspapers Tabloids include the Sun, Daily Mail and Mirror; quality 'broadsheets' include (from right to left, politically) the Telegraph, Times, Independent and Guardian.
  • TV All TV in England is digital. Leading broadcasters include BBC, ITV and Channel 4. Satellite and cable-TV providers include Sky and Virgin Media.
  • Radio Main BBC stations and wavelengths are Radio 1 (98–99.6 FM), Radio 2 (88–92 FM), Radio 3 (90–92.2 FM), Radio 4 (92–94.4 FM) and Radio 5 Live (909AM or 693AM). National commercial stations include non-highbrow classical specialist Classic FM (100–102 FM) and Virgin Radio UK (digital only). All are available on digital.
  • DVD PAL format (incompatible with NTSC and Secam).