Literature in City Centre

Alice’s Day

Organized by the Story Museum, with the participation of many other Oxford businesses, Alice’s Day commemorates the anniversary of the river trip that gave the world Alice in Wonderland.
Christmas in City Centre

Christmas Light Festival

A three-day festival to mark the moment when the city’s Christmas Lights are switched on, including a lantern parade by local schoolchildren and a Christmas market on Broad St.
LGBT in City Centre

Oxford Pride

Oxford’s annual 10-day LGBT celebration culminates with Saturday’s community parade through the city centre, from Radcliffe Camera to a street party at Oxford Castle.
Cultural in City Centre

Turl Street Arts Festival

A week-long, student-run festival that combines the talents of staff and students at the three colleges on Turl St – Exeter, Lincoln and Jesus – and ranges across concerts, talks, exhibitions, workshops and film scr…
Beer in City Centre

Oxford Beer & Cider Festival

Organised by dedicated volunteers from the Campaign for Real Ale, this weekend beertopia fills Oxford’s Town Hall to the very brim with foaming mugs of the finest beers and ciders.