Top Choice Museum in Oxford

Ashmolean Museum

Britain's oldest public museum, second in repute only to London's British Museum, was established in 1683 when Elias Ashmole presented the university with the collection of curiosities amassed by the well-travelled …
Top Choice Library in Oxford

Bodleian Library

Oxford's Bodleian Library is one of the oldest public libraries in the world and quite possibly the most impressive one you'll ever see. Visitors are welcome to wander around the central quad and the foyer exhibitio…
Top Choice Museum in Oxford

Pitt Rivers Museum

Hidden away through a door at the back of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, this wonderfully creepy anthropological museum houses a treasure trove of half a million objects from around the world – mor…
Top Choice College in Oxford

Christ Church

The largest of all of Oxford’s colleges, with 650 students, and the one with the grandest quad, Christ Church is also its most popular. Its magnificent buildings, illustrious history and latter-day fame as a locatio…
College in Oxford

All Souls College

One of the wealthiest and most peaceful Oxford colleges, All Souls was founded in 1438 as a centre of prayer and learning. It's one of several graduate colleges, though it doesn't accept just any old Oxford graduate…
Tower in Oxford

Carfax Tower

This central landmark, towering over what has been a crossroads for 1000 years, is the sole reminder of Oxford's medieval St Martin's Church and affords good views over the city centre.
Church in Oxford

University Church of St Mary the Virgin

With a tower dating from 1280 and a Perpendicular Gothic nave, this relatively unadorned church is most famous as the site of the 1556 trial of three Anglican bishops (including Thomas Cranmer, the first Protestant …
College in Oxford

Magdalen College

Set amid 40 hectares of private lawns, woodlands, river walks and deer park, Magdalen (mawd-lin), founded in 1458, is one of the wealthiest and most beautiful of Oxford’s colleges. It has a reputation as an artistic…
College in Oxford

Merton College

Founded in 1264, Merton is the oldest of Oxford’s three original colleges (the other two being Balliol and University) and the first to adopt collegiate planning, bringing scholars and tutors together into a formal …
Museum in Oxford

Museum of the History of Science

Science, art, celebrity and nostalgia come together at this fascinating museum, where exhibits include everything from an extensive selection of astrolabes and an equation-covered blackboard used by Einstein in 1931…