Bakery in Looe

Sarah's Pasty Shop

Much-loved Looe pasty shop, now run by Sarah's daughter Lucy, with some non-standard variations including lamb, mint and leek, chickpea and lentil, and a 'breakfast fry-up' (with sausage, beans, egg, bacon and tomat…
Cafe in Looe

Daisy's Cafe

Forget your skinny lattes, flat whites and rare-estate teas – this frilly cafe is traditional to its core, and makes no excuses for it. It's a great bet for old favourites such as saffron cake and a gourmet cream te…
Cafe in Looe

Talland Bay Beach Cafe

This fun seaside cafe has little dining booths made out of beach huts, where you can settle down for a crab ciabatta, a brie-and-cranberry panini, an indulgent cake or an ice-cream courtesy of Roskilly's. There are …