Historic Building in Long Melford

Kentwell Hall

Gorgeous, turreted, Kentwell Hall may date from the 1500s and be full of Tudor grandeur, but it's still used as a private home, resulting in a wonderfully lived-in feel. Kentwell is framed by a rectangular moat, glo…
Historic Building in Long Melford

Melford Hall

From outside, the romantic Elizabethan mansion of Melford Hall seems little changed since it entertained Queen Elizabeth I in 1578. Inside, there's a panelled banqueting hall, masses of Regency and Victorian finery,…
Church in Long Melford

Holy Trinity

Magnificent Holy Trinity is more cathedral-sized than church-sized, a spectacular example of a 15th-century wool church. The stained-glass windows and flint-and-stone flushwork are outstanding.