Top Choice Market in Camden & North London

Stables Market

Connected to the Lock Market, the Stables is the best part of the Camden Market complex, with antiques, Asian artefacts, rugs, retro furniture and clothing.
Top Choice Antiques in Camden & North London

Camden Passage Market

Not to be confused with Camden Market, Camden Passage is a pretty cobbled lane in Islington lined with antique stores, vintage-clothing boutiques and cafes. Scattered along the lane are four separate market areas de…
Top Choice Market in Camden & North London

Camden Lock Market

Right next to the canal lock, this is the original Camden Market, with diverse food stalls, ceramics, furniture, oriental rugs, musical instruments and clothes.
Top Choice Vintage in Camden & North London

Annie’s Vintage Costume & Textiles

One of London’s most enchanting vintage shops, Annie’s has costumes to make you look like Greta Garbo. Many a famous designer has come here for inspiration, so you might also get to do some celebrity spotting.
Books in Camden & North London


If you're searching for hard-to-find tomes on a progressive, radical, pacifist, feminist, socialist or communist theme, this long-standing, not-for-profit bookshop is your best bet.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Camden & North London

Gill Wing

Inhabiting multiple stores on Upper St, Gill Wing sells shoes (at number 192), kitchenware (at 190) and jewellery (at 182), but our favourite is its flagship gift shop. It's basically impossible to walk past without…
Wine in Camden & North London


One of London’s leading wine shops, this brilliant place allows you to sample 80 different wines before buying. Just load up a smart card and use it to sample from the machines – from as little as 30p for a sample u…
Market in Camden & North London

Camden Lock Village

Stretched along the canal on the opposite side of the road from the Lock Market, this part of Camden Market is lined with stalls selling bric-a-brac. There are controversial plans to turn it into the 'Borough Market…
Market in Camden & North London

Buck Street Market

While it bills itself as 'The Camden Market', this little covered market isn't part of the main complex. Stalls sell mainly T-shirts, jewellery and tourist tat. It’s the closest market to the station, but the least …
Fashion & Accessories in Camden & North London


If you've ever dreamed of owning a pair of Manolo Blahniks or a Pucci dress but have always balked at the price, Exclusivo might just be your chance. This tiny shop specialises in top-quality secondhand designer gar…