Museum in King's Lynn

Lynn Museum

High points here include a large hoard of Iceni gold coins and the Seahenge Gallery, which tells the story behind the construction and preservation of the early Bronze Age timber circle, which survived for 4000 year…
Museum in King's Lynn

Stories of Lynn

A £2-million revamp has seen archive sources converted into multimedia exhibits, so you'll experience the stories of local seafarers, explorers, mayors and ne'er-do-wells. It's all set in the 15th-century Guildhall …
Museum in King's Lynn

True's Yard

Housed in two restored fishers' cottages – the only legacy of the district's once bustling, fiercely independent fishing community – this museum explores the lives and traditions of the fisherfolk, who were packed l…
Church in King's Lynn

King's Lynn Minster

The patchwork of styles here includes Flemish brasses and a remarkable 17th-century moon dial, which tells the tide, not the time. You'll find historic flood-level markings by the west door.