Airline in Isles of Scilly

Isles of Scilly Travel

There are several flights daily from Land's End Airport, near Zennor, and from Newquay Airport. Adult fares start at £80 one way. Summer flights also run from Exeter, Bristol and Southampton. Since 2018 there has al…
Boat in Tresco

Tresco Boats

Tresco's private boat service provides scenic trips from Tresco and St Martin's to the other islands, as well as shuttle services for guests staying at one of the island's hotels. There are regular services to/from …
Ferry in St Mary's

St Mary's Boatmen's Association

The association coordinates the ferries that shuttle between St Mary’s and the smaller islands surrounding it. Services run at least daily between April and October, leaving St Mary’s in the morning and returning in…
Travel Agency in St Mary's

IoS Travel Enquiries Office

This small enquiries office handles travel to/from the islands (the main travel centre is in Penzance). It handles bookings for the Scillonian III ferry, and also coordinates flights. In bad weather when planes are …
Ferry in Isles of Scilly

Scillonian III

Scilly's ferry plies the notoriously choppy waters between Penzance and St Mary's (one-way adult £49.50). There's at least one daily crossing in summer, but there are no ferries in winter. It sails in most weathers,…
Airport in St Mary's

St Mary's Airport

The only airport on the Isles of Scilly has regular flights to the mainland from Monday to Saturday. Minibus transfers connect with every flight. Note that flights are often cancelled during fog or adverse weather.
Bus in St Mary's

Island Rover

St Mary's bus service runs circular tours from Holgate's Green in Hugh Town at 10.15am and 3.30pm, plus extra tours in high summer.
Taxi in St Mary's

Paulgers Transport

Provides transport from the airport to either your accommodation or the quayside if you're travelling straight to another island.
Taxi in St Mary's

Island Taxis

Taxi in St Mary's

Scilly Cabs