Top Choice Bridge in Ironbridge Gorge

Iron Bridge

The flamboyant, arching and gravel-strewn Iron Bridge, which gives the area its name, was built to flaunt the new technology invented by the pioneering Darby family. At the time of its construction in 1779, nobody c…
Top Choice Museum in Ironbridge Gorge

Museum of the Gorge

An ideal place to kick off your Ironbridge Gorge visit is the Museum of the Gorge. Occupying a Gothic riverside warehouse, it offers an overview of the World Heritage Site using film, photos and exhibits, including …
Museum in Ironbridge Gorge


Kids will love this levers-and-pulleys science centre where they can control robots, move a steam locomotive with their bare hands (and a little engineering know-how) and power up a vacuum cleaner with self-generate…
Museum in Ironbridge Gorge

Coalport China Museum & Tar Tunnel

As ironmaking fell into decline, Ironbridge diversified into manufacturing china pots, using the fine clay mined around Blists Hill. Dominated by a pair of towering bottle kilns, the atmospheric old china-works now …
Museum in Ironbridge Gorge

Jackfield Tile Museum

Once the largest tile factory in the world, Jackfield was famous for its encaustic tiles, with ornate designs produced using layers of different coloured clay. Tiles are still produced here today for period restorat…
Museum in Ironbridge Gorge

Darby Houses

Just uphill from the Museum of Iron, these beautifully restored 18th-century homes housed generations of the Darby family in gracious but modest Quaker comfort. In the Rosehill house, kids and adults can try on Vict…
Museum in Ironbridge Gorge

Blists Hill Victorian Town

Set at the top of the Hay Inclined Plane (a cable lift that once transported coal barges uphill from the Shropshire Canal), Blists Hill is a lovingly restored Victorian village repopulated with townsfolk in period c…
Museum in Ironbridge Gorge

Museum of Iron

Set in the brooding buildings of Abraham Darby's original iron foundry, the Museum of Iron contains some excellent interactive exhibits. As well as producing the girders for the Iron Bridge, the factory became famou…
Museum in Ironbridge Gorge

Iron Bridge Tollhouse

There's a small exhibition on the history of the iron bridge at the former toll house.
Museum in Ironbridge Gorge

Broseley Pipeworks

This was once the biggest clay tobacco pipe-maker in the country, but the industry nose-dived after the introduction of prerolled cigarettes in the 1880s, and the factory was preserved much as it was when the lights…