Top Choice Aquarium in Hull

The Deep

Hull's biggest tourist attraction is The Deep, Britain's most spectacular aquarium, housed in a colossal angular building that appears to lunge above the muddy waters of the Humber like a giant shark's head. Inside,…
Gallery in Hull

Ferens Art Gallery

Following extensive renovations, the Ferens Art Gallery reopened in 2017 as part of Hull's City of Culture celebrations, with an exhibition of Spencer Tunick's Sea of Hull (a photographic installation where more tha…
Area in Hull

Old Town

Hull's Old Town, whose grand public buildings retain a sense of the prosperity the town once knew, occupies the thumb of land between the River Hull to the east and Princes Quay to the west. The most impressive lega…
Museum in Hull

Streetlife Museum

This fascinating museum contains re-created street scenes from Georgian and Victorian times and from the 1930s, with all sorts of historic vehicles to explore (kids are allowed to clamber inside), from stagecoaches …
Bridge in Hull

Humber Bridge

Opened in 1981, the Humber Bridge swoops gracefully across the broad estuary of the River Humber. Its 1410m span made it the world's longest single-span suspension bridge – until 1998 when it lost the title to Japan…
Historic Building in Hull

Hull Pier Toilets

There are not too many places where a public toilet counts as a tourist attraction, but coach parties regularly stop to take photos of these gorgeous Edwardian temples of lavatorial luxury, resplendent with gleaming…
Historic Building in Hull


This huge neoclassical building dates from 1916 and houses vast areas of polished marble, and oak and walnut panelling, plus the Hull Tapestry, which records the city's history (on view near reception).
Museum in Hull

Wilberforce House

Wilberforce House (1639) was the birthplace in 1759 of politician and antislavery crusader William Wilberforce. It is now a museum chronicling the slave trade and its abolition.
Museum in Hull

Hull & East Riding Museum

This museum traces local history and archaeology from Roman times to the present, with Anglo-Saxon, medieval and geology galleries.