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A Day in Normandy: Landing Beaches of WWII with Private Guide

We will take you for a guided tour of the Landing Beaches in Normandy including Arromanche where can be seen the remains of a Mulberry harbor. Built thanks to Churchill's vision within a few days after D-Day. This "temporary" port was used to disembark an army with all the men and supplies necessary to liberate Europe. It is one of the most extraordinary industrial and maritime achievement of the war. On the way to Omaha beach, visit the site of the powerful German battery at Longues-sur-mer. In spite of the heavy bombing on the night before, the German ‘pill boxes’ and their 150 mm guns were still operational on the morning of 6 June and they began firing at the allied battleships.Continue with Omaha Beach and the moving Normandy American cemetery where 9385 Carrara marble crosses stand aligned. A memorial, inscribed with a map of the operations stands in the central alley and in the back, there is a museum.The name ‘Omaha Beach’ which until 6 June 1944 existed only as an operational code name, has continued to jointly designate the beaches of three villages, Colleville, Saint-Laurent and Vierville, in memory of the soldiers of the 1st American division who landed there and suffered the heaviest casualties on D-Day. Drive and stop along the beach where your guide will show you some of the German bunkers and machine-gun nests.One of the most impressive site in Normandy, is perhaps Pointe du Hoc where the 2nd battalions of specially trained Rangers under the command of colonel James Earl Rudder captured the position by assault at dawn on 6 June, scaling the cliffs with ropes and extendible ladders but not without heavy losses – 135 rangers out of 225, key action for the success of D-Day.Option : See the Tapestry of Queen Mathilda in Bayeux, actually a 70 meters (230 feet) long work of embroidery retracing the epic of William the Conqueror's expedition to England in 1066 (battle of Hastings).The work is the most accurate and lively document to survive from the Middle Ages and provides detailed information of the clothes, ships, arms and general lifestyle of the period.Return to Paris.

$163.14 Air, Helicopter & Balloon Tours

Port Macquarie Beaches Scenic Helicopter Flight

You will meet your friendly pilot at 14 Abbott Close at Port Macquarie Airport. There is ample free parking. We will do a safety briefing and passenger manifest which should take about 10 minutes before we walk over to the helicopter. You can leave your bags and hats at the hangar - all you need is your camera ready to snap away. When we are all buckled in we will take off from here and enjoy a scenic flight over the Hastings river, town beaches, Tacking Point Lighthouse and Lake Innes. Your professional local pilot will point out the landmarks and help you look for whales, dolphins, turtles and even great white sharks!

$109.40 Private & Custom Tours

Private Tour to Bayeux, Honfleur and Pays d' Auge from Caen

Departing in a minivan from Caen, your full-day tour of the best of Normandy starts at the magnificent Bayeux Cathedral, which dates from 1077 and was built in both Roman and Gothic styles. Bayeux was the first town to be liberated by the Allies at the end of World War Two, and it survived intact; today it boasts an impressive variety of architecture dating from antiquity to the Renaissance to the modern day.While you’re in Bayeux, you will also see the famous Bayeux Tapestry, an embroidered cloth more than 200 feet (60 meters) long. This cloth, which was originally housed in the Bayeux Cathedral, tells the story of William the Conqueror, from the build-up to the invasion of England in 1066 to the Battle of Hastings, when William defeated King Harold to become King of England. The cloth is now located in the purpose-built Bayeux Tapestry Museum.Next, continue your tour to the port town of Honfleur, with a picturesque and colorful harbor located on an estuary of the Seine. The colors of the timber-framed homes and the quaint backstreets have inspired famous painters like Monet and Courbet. After a minute or two here, you’ll realize it’s no wonder that Honfleur was regarded as the cradle of Impressionism. You’ll also see Saint-Catherine church, the largest church constructed from wood in France. Finally, you’ll arrive in Pays d'Auge where you’ll feast your senses on the range of culinary delights found in this region. Apple-based drinks are ubiquitous here – Calvados, an apple brandy, is a solid favorite, while cider, made from fermented apple juice, was for a long time the second-most popular beverage in France, after wine. Also famous from the region is Camembert, a soft, creamy cow’s cheese, first made in the 18th century in Normandy.

$322.01 Cultural & Theme Tours

1066 Battle of Hastings Private Tour

Join for a private and leisurely tour through the beautiful countryside of Sussex where you will visit one of the most famous battlefields in history. Leaving your hotel in London, you will soon be passing through the green and pleasant land of the Anglo-Saxons and you will learn all about the threats that King Harold was facing on all sides, his glorious victories and his devastating defeat that led to centuries of effective enemy occupation over England and latterly the British Isles.First off, you will visit the tiny seaside village of Pevensey.  It was here that King Harolds army was stationed for months in 1066 before heading hundreds of miles north to take on an invading Viking army, tragically leaving the harbor empty at precisely the moment that the Normans landed on the beach. Then onwards to the famous town of Hastings, often mistakenly thought to be the location of the infamous 1066 Battle.  However, that is just one of the many misconceptions and complications relating to this epic battle which actually took place at the small village of Battle…. I wonder where they got that name from.Here you will visit the ruins of Battle Abbey and visit the battlefield that saw the English and French armies battle each other almost to obliteration before the end came.  You will also stop at the spot where it is thought that King Harold died, fighting until near the very end of this day long bitter battle.