Falmouth drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Cafe in Falmouth


Cornwall's best coffee house, bar none, run by committed coffee aficionado Rupert Ellis. The choice of blends, roasts and coffees is enough to fill a 2m-long blackboard (literally) and it has recently started servin…
Top Choice Pub in Falmouth

Beerwolf Books

Probably the greatest idea ever, anytime, anywhere: a prime pub and brilliant bookshop rolled into one, meaning you can browse for reading material before settling down for a pint of real ale. Beers change weekly, a…
Pub in Falmouth

Chain Locker

Said to be one of Falmouth's oldest pubs, the Chain Locker is one of the town's best-loved waterside pubs, and recently received a top-to-toe overhaul from brewing behemoth St Austell Brewery. Happily, the downstair…
Pub in Falmouth

The Working Boat

This waterside pub under the Greenbank feels appropriately nautical: with its glass windows, harbour outlook and navy-blue decor, it feels curiously close to sailing in a ship's cabin. But you're on solid ground her…
Bar in Falmouth

Hand Bar

Peter Walker's craft-beer bar showcases his knowledge, gained while running Leeds' North Bar. Esoteric choices such as New York's Brooklyn Brewery and Bodmin's Harbour Brewing Co are among the regulars on tap – alth…
Bar in Falmouth

Chintz Symposium

Wine, charcuterie, cheese and cocktails take centre stage at this uber-trendy hang-out on the 1st floor above Hand Bar. Junk shop furniture and patches of reclaimed wallpaper fill the A-framed attic space, and the w…
Pub in Falmouth


Another local's tip, a cosy split-level pub that also serves decent grub and one of the best Sunday roasts in town. The main room has the air of a ship's cabin with views over the river to Flushing. There's also a s…
Pub in Falmouth


The beer-buffs' choice in Falmouth: a cosy spit-and-sawdust pub, with scuffed wood floors and a copious choice of real ales chalked up above the bar, served straight from wooden casks. The entrance is down a small h…
Teahouse in Falmouth


Frilly and friendly, Dolly's captures the delights of the English tearoom – complete with charity-shop lamps, bone-china teapots and cake stands. It kicks into a different gear after dark, with cocktails and jazz.
Bar in Falmouth

Falmouth Townhouse

Cocktails and continental beers served in a Georgian townhouse, all designer light bulbs and curvy furniture. There's a wooden patio behind, and hotel rooms upstairs.