Performing Arts in London

Book Slam

London's best literary event featuring storytelling in all its forms – prose, poetry, comedy and song writing.
Ballet in London

English National Ballet

One of the world’s best companies, the English National Ballet is a touring ballet company. You may be fortunate enough to catch it at one of its various venues in London – principally at the London Coliseum.
Dance in London

London Dance

Theatre in London

London Theatre

Dance in London

Rambert Dance Company

The innovative Rambert Dance Company is the UK’s foremost contemporary dance troupe.
Masquerade in London

Last Tuesday Society

Runs fantastic masked balls on various occasions (St Valentine’s Day, summer party, Halloween etc).
Cinema in Devon


A sweet, independent three-screen movie house, towards the top of Fore St.
Stadium in London

West Ham

The Olympic Stadium will become the new home of West Ham United FC in 2016.