Ely attractions

Top Choice Cathedral in Ely

Ely Cathedral

Ely Cathedral’s stunning silhouette dominates the whole area; it’s dubbed the 'Ship of the Fens' because it’s so visible across the vast, flat sweeps of land. The early-12th-century nave dazzles with clean, unclutte…
Museum in Ely

Oliver Cromwell's House

England's premier Puritan lived in this attractive, half-timbered house with his family from 1636 to 1647, when he was the local tithe collector. The interior has been restored to reflect the fixtures and fittings o…
Museum in Ely

Ely Museum

Housed in the Old Gaol House, this quirky little museum appropriately features gruesome tableaux inside prisoners' cells, plus displays on the Romans, the Anglo-Saxons, the Long Barrow burial ground at nearby Haddli…