East Anglia drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Pub in Bury St Edmunds

Old Cannon

In this microbrewery, gleaming mash tuns (vats in which malt is mashed) sit alongside the funky bar – try the feisty Gunner's Daughter (ABV 5.5%) or St Edmund’s Head (5%).
Top Choice Microbrewery in Cambridge

Cambridge Brew House

Pick a pint from the array on offer here and there’s a fair chance it’ll have been brewed in the gleaming vats beside the bar. Add a buzzy vibe, eclectic upcycled decor, dirty burgers and British tapas (mains £10 to…
Top Choice Pub in Norwich


Formica tables, chilled tunes, cupcakes and cocktails make this beatnik drinking den a one-of-a-kind delight. Book for a Bums life-drawing session (yes, really; £4, Tuesday 7pm) or ferry in fish and chips from the G…
Pub in Cambridge


Cambridge's most famous pub has loosened the tongues and pickled the grey cells of many an illustrious academic; among them Nobel Prize–winning scientists Crick and Watson, who discussed their research into DNA here…
Pub in Bury St Edmunds


Tiny benches and tables, a ceiling smothered in international banknotes and a suspended pufferfish: it's amazing what they've squeezed into this thimble-sized, memorabilia-packed, timber-framed pub, recognised by th…
Pub in Cambridge


If the exterior of this picturesque waterside pub, overhanging a pretty mill pond, looks strangely familiar, it could be because it is the darling of many a TV director. No wonder: with its snug deck, riverside terr…
Cocktail Bar in Cambridge

Hidden Rooms

A cocktail bar for aficionados of the craft. At Hidden Rooms (if you can find it), booths and table service add an edge of exclusivity, while twice-monthly jazz and mixology lessons add another layer of class.
Pub in Norwich

Adam & Eve

Norwich's oldest-surviving pub has been slaking thirst since 1249, when the cathedral builders used to drop by. Tiny, with a sunken floor and part-panelled walls, it attracts a mixed band of regulars, choristers and…
Pub in Cambridge


A dozen pumps dispensing real ale, 50 gins, a roomy beer garden and a friendly, unreconstructed vibe make this red-brick pub popular with the locals. That and hearty, homemade Italian food, plus festivals championin…
Club in Cambridge


Hip hop, dancehall, R&B, techno, funk, indie, house and garage; top-name DJs and club nights – you'll find it all at Cambridge's most popular club, the Moroccan-themed Fez.